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Brand Product Code Equipment Name
AgriMetal 21A75E0066 FA-720 TP Fairway Aerator - 3 Point Tractor Hitch
Blec GB1000 Groundbreaker 1000
Blec GB1500 Groundbreaker 1500
Blec GB2000 Groundbreaker 2000
Blec GB2500 Groundbreaker 2500
Equipment Solutions Range Catalogue ESCATALOGUE Equipment Solutions Range Catalogue
First Products AE82-034 AERA-vator AE40L
First Products UA82-001 AERA-vator UA60
First Products UA82-007 AERA-vator UA80
First Products UA82-008 AERA-vator UA80 with complete with MultiTine
First Products UA82-015 AERA-vator Option - UA60 Rotor
First Products UA82-016 AERA-vator Option - UA60 MultiTine
First Products UA82-017 AERA-vator Option - UA60 Slicer
First Products UA82-018 AERA-vator Option - UA80 Rotor
First Products UA82-019 AERA-vator Option - UA80 MultiTine
First Products UA82-020 AERA-vator Option - UA80 Slicer
First Products AG72 AGRI-vator (6 foot or 1.82 metre)
First Products AG96 AGRI-vator (8 foot or 2.43 metre)
First Products AG144 AGRI-vator (12 foot or 3.65 metre)
First Products FP-UA82-066/029 Aera-vator UA-60T
Groundsman Industries 345HD 345HD Turf Aerator
Groundsman Industries 460HD 460HD Turf Aerator
Groundsman Industries 460SDR 460SDR Turf Aerator
Groundsman Industries 8120CTM 8120CTM Tractor Mounted Turf Aerator
Groundsman Industries 12180TM 12180TM Tractor Mounted Turf Aerator
Redexim Tine Offers - suitable for Vertidrain
Thatch-Away Deep Slicer
Thatch-Away Star Slitter
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