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Brand Product Code Equipment Name
AgriMetal 75A75E0000 Model W-24 Greens Overseeder
Blec BMS 10002 Multi-Seeder BMS 10002
Blec BMS 14002 Multi-Seeder BMS 14002
Blec BMS 18002 Multi-Seeder BMS 18002
Blec BMS 21002 Multi-Seeder BMS 21002
Blec BMS 2400 Multi-Seeder BMS 2400
First Products UA82-004 AERA-vator UA60 with Rotor and seeder box
First Products UA82-010 AERA-vator UA80 with Rotor and seeder box
First Products UA82-011 AERA-vator UA80 with MultiTine and seeder box
First Products AG82-016 AGRI-vator Options - 6ft Seeder Box
First Products AG82-017 AGRI-vator Options - 8ft Seeder Box
First Products AG82-018 AGRI-vator Options - 12ft Seeder Box
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